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Still learning how to cook mon hin khar^^^

Nowadays, Ready-made Mon hin khar can be available so that we can cook it during 15 minutes.
Firstly, we need to boil water. After that pour all ready made dry items into it. After 15 minutes you can eat it as breakfast.

Famous breakfast

Yangon Mon hin khar

mon hin khar with egg

mon hin khar with egg

Nearly all Myanmar like it and have as breakfast as well as a meal. Some donation party treat guesses with it. It is also traditional food. It is slightly change taste and color according to states of Myanmar. Now i posted is Yangon Mon Hin Khar. This food is more delicious if you add egg or fried chick peas in glutin rice dough (Myanmar calls “pae gat kyor”) into it.

Chan Myae Soe


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