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Kyar San Chat


  1. Meat as you like (chicken or pork).
  2. Bean stick (pal chaut)
  3. Bean Vermicelli (gouin kyar san)
  4. Black Fungus (Hmo chaut)
  5. Pepper powder, salt, chicken powder, fish sauce, chili powder
  6. Onion, ginger, garlic

Kyar San Chat

Kyar San Chat

How to do it?

Before starting cooking, Bean stick, Bean Vermicelli and Black Fungus are required to put in water at least for 30 minutes.

1. First, meat should be cooked with onion, garlic, oil, ginger, chili powder, with very few water. It needs to be cooked till no more water. It should be cooked in sauce pan.

2. Then, you need to boil water in pot. If boiling water, Bean stick and Black Fungus are put into it. After 10 minutes, you can pour the cooked meat into it. Some salt, chicken powder and fish sauce can be added as you want. After that, you can add Bean Vermicelli into your meal.  After all steps, your pot should be still in fires and it is covered by lip.

3. After that, you can eat your “kyar san chat” eagerly.

I think it is easy^^^^:P

Chan Myae


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