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Carrot Salad

It is very similar to papaya salad…but as you know carrot’s taste is sweet.  It is wonderful taste for me. All ingredients can be found anywhere ( at any country)…..Some people make it without boiling carrot. For me, I boil it just for a while ( ~1 min) ^_^


  • Carrot
  • Chilli
  • Sugar (if you don’t like sweet, no need to use it)
  • Fish sauce (or) Prawn sauce
  • grill peanut
  • grill dried prawn
  • crushed garlic
  • sliced tomato

How to make it?

For one plate, take two carrot and boil about one minute. If you don’t want to boil, just skin off.
Then, shred it as you prefer and put all those into bowl.  Grill chilli and put together ( if you cannot eat spicy, you may avoid to use it)
Slice tomato into it and add all required ingredients into it. Next, mix all of them and taste it. You may add favour whatever you want….
Imaging how nice is it?  Wow….I want to eat now….. I frequently eat this kind of salad.

Hope, you can enjoy it………..cheers!!!


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